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2023 IAKS Study trip to Tokyo, Japan: Register now

Event date: 27/28 June 2023

Tokyo, the host city of the 2023 IAKS Study Trip, is a world city with a mix of the ultra-modern and the traditional, from skyscrapers to historic temples and shrines. This year’s study trip includes visits to six public sports and leisure facilities, ranging from innovative sports facilities to traditional Japanese facilities such as martial arts, and from Olympic facilities to public recreation facilities!

The travel package includes:

  • A two-day tour by coach with tour guides
  • Lunches including beverages at identified locations on the tour on 27 and 28 June
  • Evening dinner including beverages at the International House of Japan on 27 June
  • Interpreting services (Japanese - English) for international participants

Participants are requested to arrange their travel to Tokyo individually; the option to extend one’s stay is available.

The study trip base is the International House of Japan. It is conveniently located in the heart of Tokyo. The hotel is a renovated building designed by three masters of modern Japanese architecture (Junzo Sakakura, Kunio Maekawa, and Junzo Yoshimura), and has a tranquil atmosphere surrounded by gardens despite its central location in the city.

Learning Experiences
In addition to learning and experiencing the design and exchanging with management leaders of each facility, the IAKS Study Trip in Tokyo aims to enable participants to enjoy the city where the facilities are located, and to interact with experts from around the world while experiencing Japan’s unique sports facilities and initiatives.

Join this unique occasion to meet professionals from the in­ternational and Japanese sphere!

Registration fee for the study trip only (no accommodation) starting at EUR 675 for international delegates / JPY 75,000 for Japanese delegates.

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